SeniorFITness at United Methodist Communities

Senior Health WellnessUnited Methodist Communities has partnered with Alliance Rehab and implemented SeniorFITness, a wellness program for older adults designed to improve strength, balance, and mobility. It is presently operating in the United Methodist Communities at Bristol Glen, Collingswood, Pitman, and The Shores. SeniorFITness is appropriate for residents in any care setting, from independent living, through assisted living and skilled nursing. Memberships are available to those from the outside community as well.

“It focuses on supporting independence, safety and quality of life for all residents,” said James Clancy, executive director at United Methodist Communities at Pitman Manor. “This is a big deal for us. No matter what level of care you need, there is something that you can do that will make you stronger.”A resident participating for several months at The Shores commented, “Since participating in SeniorFITness, I’ve noticed a higher stamina and an ability to perform daily activities such as walking and getting up from a chair with minimal assistance.”

Dr. Thomas Sattler, the director of education and program development of the SeniorFITness division of Alliance Rehab, has helped countless seniors improve their quality of life by applying exercise guidelines for healthy aging. Dr. Sattler, a University of Illinois Chicago associate professor emeritus, chaired the graduate specialization in applied exercise physiology and taught undergraduates. He also coordinated the training and conditioning programs for the Chicago Blackhawks professional hockey team (1978-1981) and the Chicago Cubs Major League Baseball team (1982-1988).

SeniorFITnessis led by professional exercise physiologists.Fall prevention is an important component of the program and one of the keys to preventing a fall as people age is improving balance.Physical exercise also presents a great avenue to engage socially and take on age-appropriate physical challenges in a friendly supportive environment. Overall there are huge benefits for those that participate in SeniorFITness. Staying active is crucial to maintaining a high quality of life, even at an advanced age.

Residents also learn the how and why behind the SeniorFITness program’s movements and activities. Working on balance and stretching help to prevent injuries and to increase the longevity of completing daily activities without assistance.

The United Methodist Communities belief that cognitive, physical and social activity work together in establishing overall health, lies at the core of the resident offerings and reflects our mission: compassionately serving in community so that all are free to choose abundant life.