Home Care Help For the Elderly

United Methodist Communities through HomeWorks, is now serving seniors by providing home helpers for the elderly in New Jersey.

home health care for seniors in new jerseyOur 109 year old non-profit mission to help senior citizens in one of our assisted living or adult communities, also extends to providing home health care services to those needing non-medical assistance in their homes.

Home Care Assistance Programs

United Methodist Communities’s New Jersey based home care assistance program is unique:

  • All our home care assistants are state certified caregivers, screened for their experience, compassion, and patience in dealing with seniors.
  • All programs include RN assessments, supervision, and ongoing clinical monitoring as necessary.
  • Our program leverages the social programs and the care network in our assisted living facilities across NJ, which our clients have priority access to.
  • We are driven by a 100 year old faith based, non-profit, mission to bring the “abundant life” into the lives of seniors. As such we also provide Pastoral care and psycho-social interventions to help families through difficult transitions.

What Kinds of Home Care Assistance Does United Methodist Communities HomeWorks Provide?

home help and companionship services for the elderly in New JerseyOur aides work first and foremost to be a positive presence in the lives of seniors, enhancing their security, well being, and state of mind.

In that context, we provide a long list of services as a standard part of our engagement with you or your loved one.

  • Reliable home Visit schedule – We establish and maintain regular contact, available by phone on off hours.
  • We can provide medication management, auditing, and medication pre-pour.
  • Psycho-social interventions that enhance the quality of life for our clients.
  • Home safety management including professional assessment of fall risks and other potential problems in the home.
  • Disease management teaching and coaching
  • Our aides will perform light cleaning, cooking, do the laundry, provide transportation and misc chores around the house.
  • Alternate Communication source with families and physicians to give assessments when needed.
  • Our trained home health aides often serve as a knowledgeable liaison to obtain needed services.
  • We supervise transitions between care settings including temporary or permanent moves to an assisted living or rehab facility.
  • Professional advocacy on behalf of you and your wishes for your care.
  • We help long distance communication between seniors and their loved ones including expert navigation of the many healthcare choices available.
  • We can arrange for a visiting physician services to come to the home. Alternately our Registered Nurse Supervisors will make visits whenever necessary to assess the medical needs of our clients.
  • Pastoral care Unique to United Methodist Communities HomeWorks is our pastoral care initiative which can provide in-home spiritual counseling to those of all faiths.

At United Methodist Communities HomeWorks, we believe the quality of our caregivers, and our long experience in senior caregiving, set our home care assistance programs apart from the rest.

To start on the road to independence, call our home care hotline today at 732-838-1950.